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Posted by Laoura 28/02/2020 0 Comment(s)


We present our new section with Facial Care, Eyebrow Formation and Tattoo, Eyelash Extension.


Facial treatment:

The beauty care provided is combined with the health and well-being.

In facial care and incorporate elements of nature, such as leaves, roots, fruit, juice and essential oils, fruits and plant extracts, so the skin receives naturally what's missing.






Eyelash Extensions:

The application is done by adding new eyelashes with the classic one by one method and the most sophisticated volume 2D method over the existing ones.

Depending on the result we want to achieve, and based on how many healthy natural lashes we have, we can place between 40 and 150 lashes per eye!






Semi-permanent Eyebrow Makeup:

The shape and symmetry is achieved by means of special measuring tools and is calculated with the client's assent at rest. The lines are always formed as natural hair grows to achieve a surreal result. 






Body Care (Hair Removal)

The waxing method is classified as a temporary method.

The hairs are removed from the root by traction but come out again because the hair root is not damaged.

It is a simple method, effective, removing hair from the area will take 15-30 days.





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