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About Us

Eclat de Vie was established since 1983 in Swiss, manufacturing after clinical investigations selected natural cosmetic skin care products.

In 1994 the company started its representative offices in Athens. Recruited and trained professional aesthetics to properly inform its customers by sending them in direct contact with them to diagnose their skin and applying 'live' some products for them.

As a result of the highly active ingredients contained in Eclat de Vie's products, in the same year (1994), they were rapidly introduced into professional beauty salons, offering to the professional beautician's clients the fast and intense result they wished for.

In 2014, Eclat de Vie appeared on the internet with the online store you are browsing right now. From the e-shop you can buy any of its products and through the contact form ask for any information about the products you see or even ask for a professional aesthetic representative to visit him / her at home for diagnosis and application of the appropriate product (s).

In 2017, after thousands of satisfied customers who now entrusted Eclat de Vie products, they decided, after strict controls and specifications, to manufacture their products in Greece, thus opening up new jobs in the country.