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Creamy Face Peeling New -20%

Creamy Face Peeling

Exfoliating face cream with a gentle moisturizing ..

€32.00 €25.60

Deep Cleansing Face Mask New -20%

Deep Cleansing Face Mask

Nourishing mask for cleansing the face with a spec..

€32.00 €25.60

Moisturizing Face Mask -20%

Moisturizing Face Mask

Face mask in the form of a cream with a combinatio..

€29.00 €23.20

Anti-Pollution Charcoal Face Mask New -20%

Anti-Pollution Charcoal Face Mask

Face mask with activated carbon powder from bamboo..

€32.00 €25.60

Face Cleansing Foam -20%

Face Cleansing Foam

Gentle foam for cleansing the skin from dirt, make..

€21.00 €16.80

Micellar Water -20%

Micellar Water

Purifying water with scattered tiny oily molecules..

€21.00 €16.80